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We supply biofuel wood chip to domestic, commercial and public sector owners and operators of biomass boilers. in Weheat, our job is more than the delivery of wood chips and pellets. We work for lower emissions, healthy forests and strong communities.

Living in a world that runs on green and renewable energy – we saying Goodbye CO2


Global transport and logistics

Sea freight

Our main export harbours are in Latvia (port of Riga and Ventspils). From Ventspils we deliver to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and from Riga to Helsinki. We also can transport frequently to Asia from the Estonian capital Tallinn...

Rail transport

Care for the environment is important to all of us who work for Weheat. And our owners are very exacting about how the company operates and its environmental work...

Road transport

Transporting a thousand tonnes of wood chips every year requires a lot of planning and work. Most of the volumes are delivered to clients in Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Northern Europe...


Biomass energy is environmentally sustainable green and renewable energy. Biomass energy delivers the biggest CO2 savings of any renewable heat source. The benefits of biomass energy includes stimulation of the local economy, development of new wood fuel businesses and job creation in all EU countries.


Biomass, a renewable energy source derived from organic matter such as wood. There are several ways to produce energy from biomass, including burning biomass to generate heat or run steam turbines that produce electricity. Biomass energy delivers the biggest CO2 savings of any renewable heat source. Reduced CO2 emissions - we saying goodbye CO2.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Wood chips are suitable for cogeneration.

In contrast to hydro, wind or solar energy, biomass CHP plants do not depend on the season or weather. Different technologies are applied: In a Stirling engine, for example in micro-CHP systems for households, thermal energy can be directly converted into motion and electricity.