We have implemented formal policies in Health & Safety, Environmental Management, and Quality. These policies define our systematic approach to identifying, managing and monitoring risks as well as Weheats ongoing commitment to improving HSEQ performance. To continuously improve our operations, we have set these objectives as Basis for our Management system:
• To have zero personal injuries and accidents
• To have zero incidents
• To have zero personnel illness related to working stress
• To have zero Spills
• Minimise pollution and the environmental impact related to our operations

Our health

Our team members must have the physical and mental strength to meet challenges that confront them every day. We know a healthy lifestyle contributes to well-being, and therefore it has a high priority at Weheat.

We want all employees aboard our offices to take care of their bodies and minds. Appropriate ergonomics, sufficient exercise and healthy meals are important for the body's machinery. For us, health is an important component in ensuring satisfactory performance.

Our safety

Many tasks during our project processes involves some degree of risk, and it is the responsibility of all our employees to create an environment for safe operations. Our employees in office and operation work together in an atmosphere of cooperation and openness. This is in order to ensure good and open communication, which helps form the basis for making correct decisions and conclusions, which promotes safe and efficient operations. The company's management system includes detailed procedures, rules and routines to ensure that operations are carried out safely.

Our environmental

Weheat is in a process of getting an ISO 14001 certified company and we believe that what is good for the environment is also good for the company.

Our main vision is to reduce all feasible emissions to air and sea. To achieve this, we focus on close monitoring of our vessels performance, proper maintenance, and the implementation of fuel saving measures and techniques that are environmentally friendly.

Our quality

We build our company for the future. We provide our clients leading operational safety and economy, as well as more environmentally friendly fleet. Weheat shall in all respects accord the highest priority to run the company with applicable laws and regulations. Weheat undertakes to comply with ISO 9001:2015 their requirements, mandatory regulations, standards, procedures and processes. We are in a process with quality standards certification and this is our goal for 2020 year.
Year 2020 Weheat shall establish, maintain, and continue to improve a quality management system based on the requirements of:
• NS-EN ISO 9001 – Quality Systems
• NS-EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Management
• Proven principles for improvement

We concentrate on skilled and experienced partners through education, building positive attitudes, continuous training, and thereby creating well qualified and experienced members of our team. Our employees identify with Weheat and this is strongly attributed to a well run work place.